Designed  and manufactured by B.A.I. the new  Bed Bug/ Decon Shelter is a sealed  2 chamber inflatable unit that has a detachable canopy that fold up in its own bag.  The canopy is clipped in to a Urethane frame that allows each person to have a fresh shower to avoid transfer of bed bugs or other contaminants.  The frame is made out of Urethane material with heat welded seams for a strong and sealed unit to with stand high winds, rain and snow.  The shelter has a built in shower chamber with a second chamber for dressing.  A built in elevated pad attached to the frame floor raises the shower floor to elevate the person’s feet.   This single person shelter is designed for multi uses, Bed Bug, Decon and Shower.

Deploys in 30 seconds.
       Two stalls totaling 40 sq. ft.
                Shelter 9ft. L X 8.5ft.W X 8.5ft. H
              Complete system weight 90lbs.
           Pre-plumbed shower system.
       Pre-plumbed drain system.
                   Field replacement canopy system.
                                        Built in elevated pool attached to frame floor.
      Four ID panel attachments.
             Built in storage bag for canopy.
                     Carrying bag for frame with canopy.
                Electric inflator/deflator included.
           Air bottle connection included.
100% made in USA.
Five year B.A.I. warranty.

Built in storage bag for canopy.
 Inflator/Deflator with Hose  
 Drain Pump
 4’ LED Light    
 Air Pressure Hose & Fitting 
12.5’ Blue Water Supply Hose  
12.5’ Gray Drain Hose









​HUSQVARNA  (Partner) Rescue Saws

BRAN-ART, Inc. & ICC Producing a complete Line of Emergency, Haz-mat & De-con Shelters

With more than 30 years experience selling, installing, and servicing Zumro shelters, BRAN-ART, Inc and Integrity Custom Concepts are now building custom shelters for the Fire, Rescue, Haz-mat, Decon and Emergency agencies.  Whether you are a Fire Department, Ambulance Department, Law Enforcement, Military, or Hospital.  BAI shelters are built using the latest technology to produce a fully custom dependable shelter that is designed for your specific needs. 

BRAN-ART, Inc.  expands Repair and Service of  all  Inflatable Shelters.

BRAN-ART, Inc and Integrity Custom Concepts offers full service and repair for all air framed shelters.  BAI can repair neoprene, vinyl and urethane beams. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities, whether it requires gluing, welding, sewing, or replacement of doing all types of repairs in a fast turnaround time frame.
Please contact us for more information,  Tel: 631-582-4702 or email:

HUSQVARNA  (Partner) Rescue Saws

 BRAN-ART, Inc.  distributes a full line of Husqvarna Speciality Power Cutters.

The rescue saws create openings in buildings,trains and airplanes for search and rescue jobs.
for rescue

HUSQVARNA  Parts, Oil,  Accessories, & Service

BRAN-ART, Inc.  distributes a full line of Husqvarna parts, accessories, 2- stroke oil, and Pre-Mixed Fuel  and  a complete repair service department.

               for the Fire & Rescue Professinal.      

ULTIMATE CARBIDE BLADE  (12" & 14")                                     
This blade contains carbide through out the rim of the blade, not just in each of the pockets.  It is long lasting, fast cutting and reversible.  The blade is not hampered by different roofing materials or foreign substances (nails, concrete, tin, aluminum, steel, hardwood, tar, rubber, etc). 
STANDARD CARBIDE BLADE  (12" & 14" )                          
 Developed to cut openings in roofs with use on any gas rescue saw.  This blade will cut through all types of roofing materials & light metals.
Reworked your old blade blanks.  
Each blade is completely cleaned, tested, checked, balanced, reworked, & new tips are put on each pocket or rim. 
ULTIMATE DIAMOND BLADE  (12" & 14")                                         Developed to cut openings fast where concrete materials are present (granite, marble, hard brick, refractories, tile, concrete, etc.).  This blade contains a continuous rim of diamond through out the blade.  This blade will outlast & out cut standard diamond blades & can be used dry or wet.
ABRASIVE BLADES – Disposable blades for cutting steel or concrete.  (12”, 14” & 16”)

 The Blade Box - Designed by BRAN-ART, Inc.

The Blade Box is a secure, safe and efficient way to transport and store your cut off saw blades. The box securely holds up to 8 blades in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches. The blades
are easily removed without the need for tools and complicated latching systems, simply unscrew the wing nut, remove the
blade you wish to use and refasten the nut to secure the remaining blades in place. The box also holds a unique tool
for installing the blades on the saw.